Since our beginnings in 2020, SHA CERLIN has served over a million customers and rapidly evolved from a small shop into one of the top online sellers in the area of bed frames and home furniture in the US.

We invest in the research and development of user-centric and innovative functions products at approachable prices which ultimately make your life more efficient and flexible. Through the standardized manufacturing process, optimized supply chain system, smart and optimal product structure design, SHA CERLIN has driven itself to benefit our end consumers with premium home goods at affordable prices while continually providing diverse consumption choices.

Whether you are a fresh graduate, a couple who are still enjoying the world of two, or a family member that works from home, SHA CERLIN cares about you and is focused on making your moments at home just right. More than just a home furniture brand, SHA CERLIN always enables you to lead your own lifestyle and allows you to pursue your dreams.

Mission statement: Abundant New Choices on Home Furniture & Enhance the Sense of Well-being on Home Lifestyles

Brand Core Values: Free Faithful Professional

Brand Personality: 1. Comfortable  2. Young 3. Family-like 4. Light Luxury